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350+ Popular Korean Girl Names With Meanings

Everyone wants to name their baby a name that represents their region along with a beautiful meaning. If you are in search of a beautiful Korean name for your baby girl, you are in the right place. We have researched and collected the most popular Korean female names with meanings that will help you to find a good name for your newborn girl. Take a look at our a to z collections of Korean girl names to find your desired one:

34 Korean Name with Lovely Meaning

A-Yeong Refined
Ae Ri Love
Ae-sook love and Purity
Aera Love
Ahnjong Tranquility
Ara Beautiful
Areum Beautiful
Ari Lovely and beautiful
Bo-a Grace and love
Chin Precious
Cho-Hee Beautiful joy
Cho Beautiful
Chun Hei Grace and justice
Chung-Ae Righteous love
Chung-Cha Chaste girl
Dasom Love
Eun Ae Grace and love
Eun Hye Grace
Ga Eun Kind and beautiful
Gyeong-Hui Beauty and honor
Hea Graceful girl
Jia Beautiful and  good
Jung hwan Righteous beauty
Kyung Mi Honored and beauty
Mee Beautiful
Mi Cha Beautiful daughter
Mi Hi Jay and beauty
Mi Young Everlasting Beauty
Mi-Cha Beautiful Daughter
Mi-Kyong Brightness
Mi-Sun Goodness
Migyung Beautiful scenery
Sarang love
Sena World’s beauty

20 Korean Girl Names That Are Flowers

Ailiseu Iris
Bongseon Impatient flower
Chija Gardenia flowers
Dallia Dalia
Deiji Daisy flower
Haebaragi Sunflower
Haw Beautiful flower
Hei-Ran Beautiful orchid
Hwa-Young Beautiful flower
Jang-Mi Rose
Jelanyum Geranium
Jindallae Azalea
Kaneisyeon Carnation
Kkot-Bi Flower
Mindeulle Dandelion
Molan Peony
Paenji Pansy
Soo-A/Soo-Yun Lotus flower
Suseonhwa Daffodil
Tyullib Tulip

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24 Korean Girl Names That Reflect Nature

Bada Ocean
Baram Wind
Bong Mythical bird
Byeol Star
Ha Yoon The wise one
Hae-Won Beautiful garden
Hae Ocean like daughter
Hana Chaste
Haneul Heaven
Haru Day
Heejin Precious pearl
Ho Goodness lake
Ji Hyun Springtime
Joo Jewel
Joon Girl born during spring
Ki The sky
Myung-Ok Bright pearl
Nabi Butterfly
So Young Gracious gem
So A great one
Sook Pure nature
Taeyang Sun
Young Mi Morning dew
Yuri Glass

26 Unique and uncommon Korean girl names

Bae Courage
Bom The brave one
Bora Purple
Chin Sun Radiant
Choon Hee Lotus blossoming
Chung Cha Grace
Dae Respect and beauty
Doh Righteousness
Eui Pure and natural
Gi Pleasure
Goo Strong girl
Gyeong Talented
Hyeon Beautiful flower
Hyuk My favourite
Iseul Magnificent
Jee Kind and beautiful
Jeong Virtuous
Kwan Brightness
Min Ultimate girl
Mun Hee Educated and literate
Nam Kyu Refined and a treasure
Seok Treasure
Soo Jin Respected one
Whan Excellence and cleverness
Wook Beautiful and good
Yeong Intelligent woman

28 Popular Korean girl names

Ae-Cha loving daughter
Ae Truth
Balam Wind
Binna Shine
Boram Valuable
Choon-Hee Girl born at the time of spring
Du Head
Eun Silver
Hee-Young Joy and prosperity
Hei Ryung Brightness
Ho-Sook Clear lake.
Hyo-Sonn Gentle
Hyun Jae Wise
Hyun-Ok Beautiful pearl
Hyun Intelligent
Min Jee Wisdom
Mishil Admired dynasty
Mun-Hee Literate girl
Myung Hee Pleasure
Sang Hee Benevolence
Soo Yun lotus flower
Soon-Bok Gentle and blessed
Sun Jung Goodness
Sun-Hi Joyful demeanor
Sung Successor
Yoon Consent
Young-Il The most prosperous of all
Yun Lotus flower

27 Cute and Pretty Korean girl names

Ae-Ri Advantage
Ah-In Humanness
Bitna Noble daughter
Bong Cha Strong
Chul Firmness
Ha-Neul Brave one
Hiah Glad
Hwa Young Gentle and blessed
Hye Honoured and mild
Hyun Ok Wisdom
Jae Hwa Rich and prosperous
Jae Southern
Jin Ae Respect
Jin Kyong Treasure and brightness
Kyong Brightness
Kyung Soon Gorgeous
Moon Smart one
Sang-Hee Pleasant one
Soo Kind and noble person
Soon Bok One who has risen
Sun Hee Advantage
Sun-Hee Goodness
Woong Wealth
Yeong Intelligent woman
Yong Perpetual and brave
Young-Soon Mild
Yun Hee Wisdom

39 Others Korean girl names

Bo-young Bom Springtime
Chun Cha Noble daughter
Chun Spring
Da To attain
Dong East
Eun Silver
Gook Nation
Haw-Young Beautiful flower
Hei Grace
Hyo Filial one
Hyo One with a filial duty
Hyun-Ae/Hyun-Aw Loving women
Hyun-Jae Wise and respectful
In Humanity wise
Ji Wisdom
Jin Jewel truth
Jong Silent
Jung Chaste
Kyung-Hu Girl in the capital
Kyung-Soon Honored and gentle
Kyung Respect
Myung Brightness
Nam South
Sam Third in order
Seo-Yun Felicitous
Seong Finished
Seung Victorious
Shik Planting
Shin One who Believe
Soo A perfect lotus flower
Suck Hardness
Sun-Jung Goodness and noble
Sun Obedient
Uk Sunrise
Yoora Enough silk
Young II Most prosperous of all
Youra Silky
Yun-Yeong Brave hero
Yung Mi Prosperity