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Ocean Names for Babies

The mystery and deepness of the ocean can mesmerize anyone. It’s the love of the sea so that whenever people get a holiday or a vacation, they try to spend their time on beaches. Therefore, naming the children with the word that means ocean is a worldwide tradition. You will found Abeforth as a familiar name in the English tradition. As well, Sagar is a name you will found frequently in several Bengali households. But in modern days people always want something unique when they name their baby. No parents wish for their children to feel awful because of a weird or too much common name. With due respect to all the parents’ emotions in the following list, we have added several baby names that are water-themed or symbolize the ocean. Thus, either you are English, Arab, or Asian, you can pick a unique word that signifies the sea, beach, or seashores yet not so familiar name in your culture.

Ocean Names for Boys

1. Aberforth: A Gaelic word that means from the river.
2. Aden
3. Aenon: It means Water spring or natural fountain.
4. Anoop: Arrived from the Sanskrit word Anupa, Anoop means watery, pond or lagoon.
5. Arnav: Ocean
6. Baja: A beach in Mexico
7. Bay
8. Bandon: A beach
9. Beck: A Germanic word that means Brook.
10. Bo: wave
11. Bourne: Bourne denotes those dwellers live beside a river.
12. Brook/Brooke/Brooks: Small flow
13. Bruinen; The loud sound of water
14. Byron: A beach in Australia
15. Calder: Stream
16. Caol: Narrow channel
17. Caspian: Caspian sea
18. Clyde: River Clyde
19. Conway: Holy river
20. Cove: A small sheltered bay
21. Cruise
22. Delmar: A Spanish-originated name that means of the sea.
23. Deniz: Ocean
24. Dorado: A Marine fish
25. Douglas: Derived from the Gaelic word Dubh, Douglas means a dark river.
26. Dylan: Son of the sea
27. Earendil: Sea Lover
28. Edmar: Wealthy sea
29. Edward: Prince Edward Island
30. Finn
31. Gal: Wave
32. Gar
33. Guadalupe: River of the wolf
34. Gursel: According to the Turkish dialect, Gursel means flowing water.
35. Hali: The sea
36. Harbor/Harbour: Shelter on the coast
37. Hurley: Sea-tide
38. Jabal/Jubal: It means stream
39. Jaladhi: Jaladhi means ocean in Hindi.
40. Jafar: An Arabic name that symbolizes river.
41. Jetty
42. Kai: The Hawaiian variation to denote the word sea.
43. Kadhi: Originated from the Sanskrit word, it means ocean.
44. Kawai
45. Kelvin: Name of a Scottish river
46. Keel
47. Krill
48. Kyle: Channel
49. Lachlan: The land of lakes
50. Lagoon/Laguna
51. Laiken: Lake
52. Leith: Broad River
53. Leven: Flood
54. Llyr: The sea
55. Maayan: It means spring of water.
56. Maku
57. Marin/Marinus: Of the sea
58. Marlin: Sea fortress
59. Marsh
60. Maxwell: Great stream
61. Moor/Moore: Ocean
62. Morcant/Morgan: Sea circle
63. Mortimer
64. Murdock: This word belongs to the Norman language and symbolizes a sea warrior.
65. Muriel: Bright sea
66. Murphy: Sea warrior
67. Murray: settlement by the sea
68. Nerio
69. Ocean/Oceanus
70. Pelagius: The sea
71. Pike
72. Poseidon: According to Greek Mythology, Poseidon is the God of the sea.
73. Ray
74. Rayyan: Arabic name
75. Reef
76. River
77. Ryan
78. Samudra: From Hindi and Bengali
79. Sagar: A Bengali word that signifies the ocean.
80. Seaton
81. Shore
82. Storm
83. Tad
84. Thames: River Thames
85. Tide
86. Triton: Triton is the Son of Poseidon, God of the sea.
87. Yamm: Arabic variant of the term ocean.
88. Yarrow: A rough river.
89. Yuval: Stream
90. Zale: Strength of the sea
91. Zander

ocean baby names


Ocean Names for girls

1. Anat/ Anath: Water Spring
2. Abalone
3. Aqua: Blue sea
4. Bay
5. Bayou
6. Beck: Brook/ small river flow
7. Blue
8. Bo: Wave
9. Briny
10. Brooke/Brooks
11. Calder: Stream
12. Caspian/Caspia/Kashpia: Caspian sea
13. Cerulean
14. Cherith: Stream
15. Cordelia: Daughter of the sea
16. Coral
17. Coventina: Water Goddess according to Celtic mythology
18. Darya: Arrived from the Old Persian word Drayah, Darya means sea.
19. Dalis: A Hebrew water that signifies drawing water.
20. Deniz: Ocean
21. Dwynwen: Wave
22. Dylan: Of the sea
23. Gal/Galit: Wave
24. Ginevra/Guinevere/Genevieve: White wave
25. Grace: A beach
26. Hali/Halimeda: The sea
27. Harbor/Harbour: Shelter in the coast area
28. Hydra
29. Irvette: Friend of the ocean
30. Isla: Isla river/ an island
31. Jennifer: White wave
32. Kai/Kairi: Ocean
33. Kailani: Kailani is a Hawaiian term that denotes both the sky nad the sea.
34. Kawai: Water
35. Kyla: Channel
36. Laguna/Lagoon
37. Lake/Lynn
38. Marilla: Shining sea
39. Mairin: Star Of the ocean
40. Marina: From the sea
41. Marine
42. Maris: Of the sea
43. Margaret: A river beach in Australia
44. Marsha
45. Maya: In Hebrew dialect, Maya means water. Maya is also the name of a beach in Thailand.
46. Mayim
47. Meltem: Sea wind
48. Meri: Ocean
49. Mica
50. Mira: Sea
51. Moana: Sea
52. Molly
53. Morgan: It means a bright sea.
54. Morwen/Morwenna: Waves
55. Muriel: Derived from the Scottish and Gaelic element Muireall, Muriel means a bright sea.
56. Murphy: Sea warrior
57. Murray: From the sea
58. Moselle: From the water
59. Nami: Wave
60. Nanami: Seven seas
61. Neptune: God of the sea
62. Oceana
63. Ondine: Little wave
64. Paradise: Paradise beach, Croatia
65. Pelagia: It is a Greek word, and it symbolizes a sea.
66. Praia
67. River
68. Sandy
69. Sanibel: An island in Florida.
70. Shore
71. Shelly
72. Thalassa: Ocean
73. Undine: Little Wave
74. Vanora: White wave
75. Yarrow: Rough stream
76. Yoka: One popular Japanese name that means the ocean smell.

Many parents still believe that a meaningful name creates positive influences on children’s life and character. And the sea symbolizes power, strength, and hope. Therefore, if you want your newborn to embrace all these qualities in the future, naming him or her as the ocean can be your initial step. We wish you all the best in this long beautiful journey of parenthood.