flower names for boys

Plant and Flower Names For Boys

As flowers resemble the delicacy and beauty, people made floral names a feminine thing. So, it has become tricky to name boys after flowers. Daisy, Lily, Jasmine, or Rose already picked a girly tone that you can never imagine naming your boy after those flowers. But there are still some flowers which give masculine vibes. We researched the internet and gathered all those cool, meaningful, and mannish floral names for your little boy. Take a look at below a-z list of flower names in alphabetical order.

Freshly picked Flower Names for boys:

1. Aaron: A flower mostly found in Germany and Britain.
2. Aciano: Spanish originated word which means a blue bottle flower
3. Admon: A red peony flower which is a well-established name in English and Hebrew language.
4. Alder: One kind of flowering plants
5. Arnit: A popular Indian male name that represents a beautiful flower.
6. Anthony: A name derived from Greek origin and it means flower
7. Antonio: An English word which means flower.
8. Basil: The term ‘Basil’ comes from the Greek word means ‘royal/kingly plant.’flower names for baby boys
9. Blodwyn: A welsh word that symbolizes blessed flowers.
10. Cedar: A beautiful pink flower blossoms in Sumer.
11. Celandine: A unisex name after a bright yellow flower.
12. Cosmos: A widespread genus of the sunflower family.
13. Crisanto: A golden flower
14. Elm: Elm is a muscular tree that produces white flowers
15. Fiarello: An Italian word to symbolize ‘little flower.’
16. Flax: A small blossom of pale blue color.
17. Fleuri: A Latin word that represents the beauty and fragrance of a flower.
18. Florent: Derived from the word flower
19. Florian: Latin word that denotes ‘flower.’
20. Fox: This name is a variation of Foxglove flower.
21. Gulzar: Arabic name means ‘rose garden.’
22. Hawthorne: Large genus of shrubs with white flowers
23. Headley: English name which means ‘heather field.’
24. Indigo: This name represents the deep blue color of the Indigo flower.
25. Iris: Iris means rainbow according to the Greek language. Universally, Iris is a beautiful rainbow-colored flower.
26. Ixora: It’s a genus of plants in the Rubiaceae family and very common in Indian sub-continent.
27. Jarred: Hebrew name which means Rose
28. Jacek: Polish name meaning’ hyacinth flower.’
29. Kamal: A Hindi word which symbolizes a Lotus flower.
30. Kunal: It is also a Hindi word which means ‘lotus.’
31. Mazus: A flowering plant that is universally known as ‘creeping Maze.’
32. Nalin: In Buddhism and the Hindu religion, Nalin signifies a Lotus flower.
33. Ren: In the Japanese language, that means ‘water lily.’
34. Roosevelt: A Dutch word which stands for ‘field of roses’.
35. Shamrock: It’s the national flower of Ireland.
36. Valerian: It’s a perennial flowering plant, also a name of the Fantasy/Science fiction film of 2017.
37. Yarrow: A flower generally blooms in Northern Hemisphere in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Plant-Based Names:

Parents who love plants and gardening that much, naming children after plants become their wish. If you are of those plant-obsessed parents, then the following names may help you.


1. Acker
2. Alfalfa
3. Amaranth
4. Arlow
5. Ash
6. Aspen
7. Aster
8. Balsam
9. Basil
10. Barkley
11. Bay
12. Beech
13. Bentley
14. Birch
15. Bramwell
16. Cedar
17. Chervil
18. Clove
19. Coriander
20. Elm
21. Fennel
22. Frazier
23. Garland
24. Hawthorn
25. Hazel
26. Heywood
27. Hyacinth
28. Jessamine
29. Juniper
30. Kale
31. Kingsley
32. Landon
33. Larch
34. Leighton
35. Linden
36. Mace
37. Marlow
38. Narcissus
39. Oak
40. Oleander
41. Oliver
42. Orick
43. Parker
44. Parsley
45. Peppermint
46. Pine
47. Reed
48. Rowan
49. Rue
50. Saffron
51. Sage
52. Sequoia
53. Sherwood
54. Sorrel
55. Spruce
56. Sycamore
57. Thyme
58. Valerian
59. Vernon
60. Wattle


While choosing baby names, parents become picky as they don’t want their grown-up children to question them in the future. We were so conscious of this fact. Thus, the list is small, but we hope it will serve your purpose. We have also arranged a list of influential boy names with meaning,