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Powerful Boy Names

When it’s time to naming the baby boy, sometimes parents look for a name that has intense, powerful meaning. Because it also gives an extra measure of strength to your baby boy like girls’ names with cute meaning does. You may be searching over the internet to find a powerful boy name for your baby. This is the right website you entered, we did some research and come up with a list of names having a brave, strong and powerful meaning. You may be familiar with some of the names and some others you may listen for the first time. Just keep reading from a to z to find the best one for your baby boy from this list of boys’ names.

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List of some powerful boy names with strong meaning:


If you want to name your baby boy according to any great, powerful human being, take a look at below list:


strong boy names

  • Abraham: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th American president
  • Adlof: Adlof Hitler, a terrible person and powerful ruler
  • Akbar: He is another emperor who got the title “ The Great”
  • Alexander: Alexander the Great, The strong name belongs to one of the most powerful historical figures of all time
  • Arnold: Is there any need to introduce Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator? This name was introduced by the Normans as like Arnaud
  • Asoka: Another emperor of the world who got the title “The Great”
  • Barack: Barack Obama, one of the powerful president of US.
  • Brian: Brian Boru, famous Irish warrior and king
  • Fidel: Fidel Castro, Cuban communist revolutionary and was the president of Cuba from 1976 to 2008
  • Franklin: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was the 32nd President of the United States
  • Guevara: Che Guevara, was the famous Argentine Marxist revolutionary. He was also a physician, guerrilla leader, author, diplomat and military theorist.
  • Hassan: Hassan Rouhani, Seventh and running president of Iran
  • Henry: Name of Many kings of England, among them Henry VIII is famous
  • Kim: President of North Korea
  • Martin: Martin Luther King, one of the most powerful men in the world history
  • Mao: Mao Zedong, Most famous leader of the Chinese communist revolution
  • Mohandas: Mohandas Karamchad  Gandhi, full name of Mahatma Gandhi, leader against British rule in India
  • Napoleon: Who haven’t heard the name of famous French leader Napoleon Bonaparte?
  • Rambo: Another strong film character like Terminator
  • Solomon/Solemon : The great ruler who ruled from the west to east, all over the world. Muslim’s believe him as a prophet
  • Theodore: Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the US
  • Umar: He is considered as the most powerful Muslim ruler of the world, he ruled from the Africa to India trough whole middle east, he is also famous for his simplicity and kindness
  • Winston: Winston Churchill, was the Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II

If you are looking for a baby boy name meaning ‘strong’, find here:

  • Carlo: Meaning ‘strong’ in French
  • Takeshi: Meaning ‘Strong’
  • Maynard: German name that means brave, hardy and strong
  • Ekon: Meaning ’Strong’
  • Ethan: This cheerful name means ‘firm and strong’
  • Durango: Meaning ‘strong’- It’s from French
  • Chasin: Meaning ‘strong’- From the Hebrew languagestrong boy with hat
  • Neron: Meaning ‘Strong’
  • Mann: Meaning ‘Strong man’
  • Jedrek: Meaning ’Strong’
  • Amzi: Biblical name means ‘mighty’
  • Kano: Japanese word means ‘Manly power’
  • Kwan: Meaning ‘Strong’
  • Bryant: Meaning ‘strong’ – It’s from Celtic language
  • Remo: Meaning ‘The strong one’
  • Kalmin: Meaning ‘Manly and strong’
  • Ozzie: Meaning ‘strong’ in Hebrew
  • Andreas: Greek Name, meaning ‘strong and manly’, New Testament Greek variation of Andrew
  • Kawan: Korean name, Meaning ‘strong’
  • Griffin: A Mythological creature with the half lion and half eagle, Meaning of Griffin is ‘strong lord’.
  • Arsenio: Spanish name, Meaning ‘strong’
  • Andrew: Meaning ‘Manly and strong’

Some baby boy names with the meaning ‘powerful’:

  • Amir:  Meaning ‘powerful’ – It’s from Hebrew
  • Emerson: Meaning ‘brave; powerful’
  • Reggie: Meaning ‘powerful ruler’- It’s from German
  • Rich: Meaning ‘powerful ruler’- It’s from German
  • Tiger: Meaning ‘Powerful and energetic’
  • Denzell: Meaning ‘powerful’
  • Emmett: Meaning ‘powerful’- It’s a German name
  • Maynor: Meaning ‘powerful’- It’s a French name
  • Etan: Hebrew Meaning ‘powerful’
  • Barrett: German name, Meaning ‘powerful’

Names that mean fighter or warrior:

  • Ajax: A common Greek name meaning ‘powerful warrior’
  • Andro: Means ‘warrior’ in Croatian language
  • Cadman: Means ‘Warrior or Fighter’
  • Cadmar: Means ‘Brave Warrior’
  • Cayden: Meaning ‘Great fighter’
  • Donovan: Means ‘Dark warrior or strong fighter’
  • Dustin: Means ‘fighter’
  • Einar: Warrior
  • Gerald: Fighter
  • Helmer: Meaning is ‘The wrath of a warrior’
  • Kelly: Means ‘warrior’
  • Malin: Meaning ‘strong, little warrior’
  • Morgan: Means ‘Sea warrior’
  • Wyatt: Meaning is ‘Little warrior’

Some other boy names with a strong and powerful meaning:

  • Maximus: Meaning ‘Greatest’
  • Hagan: Meaning ’Strong defense’
  • Jerry:  Meaning ‘Brave spearman’
  • Magnar: This Nordic name means strong fighter
  • Aaron: Meaning ‘Mountain of strength’
  • Takeo: Meaning ’Strong as bamboo’
  • Zeke: Meaning ’God strengthens’
  • Garvan: Meaning ‘rough’-it’s an Irish name
  • Calder: Meaning ‘rough waters’
  • Richman: You all know about that, It’s an English name.
  • Amell: German name, meaning ‘power of an eagle’
  • Valerio: Comes from the word ‘Velor’, meaning ‘strength’
  • Bernard: Bernard is the first name of the saint who lived in the Alps, Bernard means ‘bear strength’
  • Jack: Means ‘Rebel’ in Henry VI, Part 2, by Shakespear
  • Quillon: Latin name, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘crossing swords’
  • Oswald: Meaning ‘divine power’
  • Swithun: meaning ‘quick, strength’
  • Osiris: Name of an Egyptian God, meaning ‘strong eyesight’
  • Leo/Leonard/Leonardo: Meaning ‘Brave lion’
  • Liam: Means ‘Protector’
  • Thor: meaning ‘thunderous’
  • Maoz: Hebrew name, Meaning ‘strength’
  • Imre: Meaning strength
  • Oz: Hebrew name, meaning ‘donating power or strength’
  • Zale: Greek meaning ‘sea strength’
  • Azai: Hebrew meaning ‘strength’
  • Ryker: Danish meaning ‘superior strength’

Hope your baby will be one of the strongest guys on the playground with any of these powerful boy names. So which name are you planning to choose for him? Let us know by commenting below. For more cool unusual names for boys like Anthony or Asher, visit here.

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