a baby walking with his mom

Some Signs Baby will Walk Soon

You will always treasure every first thing of your baby as sweet memories, like the first movement in your belly, the first smile, the first word, first sitting without help, and the list will be going on and on. Every parent eagerly waits for those experiences. Your baby’s first steps are one of those grand moments. It is an exciting moment for both of you! While you eagerly film her walking and tumbling around the room, she experiences a new, more dynamic way of getting where she aspires to go. But how do you know that she/he is almost near to undergo her first walking? There are some indications. Here we gather some signs which will tell you that your baby will walk soon. Keep reading the article, and we hope you will predict and see your baby’s first footstep.

Are You Worried about Your Baby’s Late Learning?

Just don’t. Every individual infant has his growth rate. Pediatricians state that babies generally start walking at 10-15 months, but we found some babies need more than 18 months, and some even take about two years. So actually, by age, you will not be able to predict your baby’s independent walking. You need to depend on some other signs to lead your baby to walk in the imminent future.

Take a Look at Below Signs that Your Baby will Walk Soon:

• You need to understand if your baby is strengthening his legs to prepare them for walking or not. Try to find that if he/she starts pulling up into standing using his/her hands to support furniture. Usually, they are not getting ready to walk until they learned how to get themselves upright. Pulling up by taking the support of furniture is the last step before they start walking. So, if you see this type of activity hope you will see your baby walking soon.

• Secondly, find out if your baby starts cruising or not. Do you know the meaning of a cruise? It means walking while holding furniture. After completing his lesson to figure out bending his knees, he will start learning weight shifting and forward progression by holding pieces of furniture. It is a process named cruising. If your baby has already begun to do that, it means you will see his first independent step very soon.

• As your baby becomes more firm, you may find him starting to climb onto furniture. It is another sign that your baby is developing his muscle gradually, and he is learning to be balanced needed to work independently.

• Your baby may ask your help to stand up from a sitting position. Sometimes, he may cry for your service or try to pull your clothes as support.

• Finally, your baby will try to stand up without the help of any objective. As long as he can stand, his confidence will grow up. After being confident enough, he will put his first step independently. It’s not that he will never fall. He may fall but will not stop trying as he gathered enough confidence.


If you see the above signs, you can wait to see your baby’s first step very soon. Generally, a baby starts walking by 12 to 18 months. If not, then you don’t need to be worried. All babies need different periods to learn the way of walking. Bring him a good baby walker that he can quickly try himself and learn faster than expected. If your baby is getting late, you may need to encourage him to practice regularly. We have another article which will help you to teach your baby walking.