age limit of using sippy cup

Sippy cup age limit: when can a baby drink water from a sippy cup?

One of the most common questions we get from every parent is that when they should give their baby a sippy cup and when to replace that with a regular drinking cup. There are different opinions based on personal and subjected experience as like most other things.

We have asked moms on social media and different question answering websites like Quora and got have a variety of answers. We have also discussed with some pediatricians on the same topic and they were able to satisfy us by giving the almost same answer.


When to start sippy cup for breastfed baby?

Not before she gets a single tooth. As the primary reason for giving sippy cup is to prevent tooth decay. According to the experts of American Dental Association (ADA), your baby’s first birthday is a great time to introduce her to a sippy cup. It’s not mandatory to maintain this time, you can try even earlier if she is ready to use this. Don’t force her to make her used to with transition cups, buy a colorful and gorgeous transition cup, let her play with that and she will be familiar with that very soon. So your target should make her used to with a sippy cup at her first birthday.


When should you stop using a sippy cup?

There are also different opinions on the time to ditch the sippy cup. It mainly depends on your baby’s nature, how fast she can learn to handle and drink water or milk from a regular cup. AAP suggests you to start offering her from 15 to 18 months and try until she starts drinking water from a regular cup. If you are using a spout sippy cup we will suggest you try a 360° cup before a regular cup as this is almost similar to a regular cup but spill proof as the sippy cup.


So finally we can tell the age limit of using sippy cup lie between one to three years. You can transfer your baby from bottle to sippy cup at 1 year age and can continue up to 2 years. Keep trying from 18 months to make her friendly with regular cup and she will get full control within 3 year age.


We never mean that you have to stop giving your baby breastmilk. Don’t stop giving her breastmilk. You can transition the breastmilk from bottle to a sippy cup if you are using one.


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