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Space Related Names: Astronomy Baby Names For Boys and Girls

While naming a newborn, a unique name with a distinctive meaning becomes any parent’s priority. So why do you not think about picking a name from space? Spaces are immeasurable, and there are millions of stars and planets among which some possess a very appealing title. Naming your children after those space titles or the words related to astronomy can be a great choice. For making your decision easy, a list of celestial baby names is there for you. We have included both the male and female baby names. Take a look at the below and pick your choice.

Space-related/ Celestial Names (Female)

  1.    Adhara:It’s the name of one of the brightest stars in the sky.
  2.    Alcyone:From Greek Mythology, Alcyone was the daughter of Aeolus, who married the morning star’s son.
  3.    Alioth:One of the brightest stars
  4.    Alpha:A star
  5.    Alula:Name of the first double star
  6.    Alya:Traditional name of the Theta Serpentis star system.
  7.    Amalthea:Amalthea is the moon of Jupiter.
  8.    Andromeda:It is the name of a galaxy, also known as Messier. Andromeda is also a famous character of Greek Mythology, which means “ruler of man.” You may have seen this character in the movie Clash of the Titans.
  9.    Ariel:Brightest moon of the Uranus
  10. Ascella:A star
  11. Astra:It is a Latin-originated word that means star.
  12. Aurora:A light display in the sky, naturally.
  13. Belinda:Ninth moon of Uranus
  14. Bellatrix:A Star
  15. Bianca: A moon of Uranus
  16. Calypso:Moon in Greek mythology
  17. Capella:Capella is a dazzling star in the constellation named Auriga.
  18. Carina:The second-brightest star in the sky
  19. Cassiopeia/Cassie/Cass:From Greek Mythology
  20. Celeste:Heavenly/ Celestial
  21. Ceres
  22. Chara:A Star that represents hunting dogs.
  23. Cordelia:A Moon of Uranus
  24. Cressida:Another moon of Uranus
  25. Dione:A moon of Saturn
  26. Eartha:By origin, it is an Old English word that symbolizes Earth.
  27. Elara:A moon of Jupiter
  28. Electra: Bright
  29. Estella: Star
  30. Faye:A comet of the Jupiter
  31. Galaxy
  32. Gemini:A Zodiac sign
  33. Hala:It is a unique Arabic name that means moon halo.
  34. Halley:A famous comet that is visible in a bare eye.
  35. Helene:Moon of Saturn
  36. Hoshi:Star
  37. Izar:It means Star in Basque.
  38. Jaci:A Native American name that signifies moon.
  39. Juliet:A moon of Uranus
  40. Leda:A moon of Jupiter
  41. Libra:A constellation in the eastern sky
  42. Luna:Latin name of the moon
  43. Lyra:Harp-like constellation
  44. Maia:A star
  45. Meissa:Another Star
  46. Miranda:One of the moons of Uranus
  47. Moon
  48. Nashira:A giant star in Capricorn
  49. Nasa
  50. Norma:A constellation that includes four stars.
  51. Nova:An explosion that causes a sudden increase in the brightness of a star
  52. Ophelia:Another tiny moon of Uranus
  53. Orion:Rising star
  54. Pandora:A moon of Saturn
  55. Phoebe:Outermost moon of Saturn
  56. Polaris:A star
  57. Portia:Another moon of Uranus
  58. Rhea:Saturn’s moons
  59. Rosalind:One of the moons of Uranus
  60. Seren:A welsh word that represents a star.
  61. Shaula:A Star
  62. Sitara:According to Indians, Sitara means star.
  63. Sky/Skye
  64. Starr/Star
  65. Stella:It denotes Star in Latin
  66. Sterope:A star in the zodiac constellation Taurus.
  67. Sunshine
  68. Sunny
  69. Titania: The largest moon of the Uranus
  70. Thebe:A satellite of Jupiter.
  71. Venus:Closest planet to the Sun
  72. Vesta
  73. Zosma:Another Star in the constellation of Leo

names related to space

Space-related/ Celestial Names (Male)

  1.    Akash: A Bengali word that signifies sky.
  2.    Alioth: One of the Brightest Stars
  3.    Altair:Tthe brightest star in the constellation Aquila the Eagle
  4.    Archer:Half-man, half-horse Sagittarius grouping of stars
  5.    Aries/Ares/Arese:From Greek mythology
  6.    Aten
  7.    Atlas:The famous Greek Titan, known as the titan of astronomy.
  8.    Caelum: Faint constellation of stars
  9.    Castor:Castor is the most luminous star in the constellation Gemini.
  10. Deimos:A moon of Mars
  11. Draco:Constellation inspired by the dragon that Hercules slayed
  12. Eos
  13. Galileo:The famed astronomer 
  14. Halo
  15. Hercules: It is a zodiac constellation named after a Greek mythological hero.
  16. Holmes:Largest Comet
  17. Iah:According to Egyptian mythology, Iah is the God of the moon.
  18. Izar
  19. Io: A moon of Jupiter and the most volcanic moon in the solar scheme.
  20. Janus:A moon of Saturn
  21. Jupiter:The largest planet
  22. Kale:A moon of Jupiter
  23. Leo: A zodiac constellation
  24. Mars:A planet
  25. Mayank:A Hindi name to indicate the moon
  26. Mercury:It is the most nearby planet to the Sun.
  27. Muraco:White moon
  28. Nash:A Star
  29. Oberon:A moon of Uranus
  30. Orion:A rising star in a constellation, named in Greek mythology. Also known as ‘The Hunter’
  31. Perseus:A constellation named after the Greek half man-half god who defeated Medusa and saved Andromeda. 
  32. Phoenix:A constellation in the southern sky
  33. Pluto:A small planet 
  34. Proteus:A moon of Neptune
  35. Qamar:Arabic variation of the word moon
  36. Rigel:A big star in the constellation Orion
  37. Rocket
  38. Sabik:A Star
  39. Sirius:One of the brightest star
  40. Solar
  41. Space
  42. Themis
  43. Thule: Large asteroid.
  44. Triton:The first discovered moon and the largest natural satellite of the planet Neptune.
  45. Vulcan:A Planet
  46. Wolf:Constellation in the southern sky.


The astronomical world is beautiful and mysterious at the same time. Nature always mesmerizes us, so does the Sun, moon, galaxy, and planet. So, there is nothing wrong if the junior version of you possesses one of this beautiful space world’s titles. You may choose one from our name collection. To help you in naming your child is one favorite job of us. You may also see these articles of us if you have any intention to name your baby based on water, tree, plant,  or flowers.