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Space Related Names: Astronomy Baby Names For Boys and Girls

When it’s time to name your baby boy or girl you may looking for a unique name with a sweet meaning. So why not pick a name from space? There are millions of stars and planets in the space and some of them have a very appealing name. Why not choose a name from space related words? For making your choice easier we have made a list of celestial baby names included star and galaxy names. You will find space names for girls as well as space names for boys here. Take a look at below list of space baby names and pick one suitable for your baby:


Space names for girls:

Adhara: It’s the name of one of the brightest stars in the sky

Alcyone: From Greek Mythology, Daughter of Aeolus who married to the son of morning star

Alioth: One of the brightest star

Alula: Name of the first double star

Alya: Traditional name of the star system Theta Serpentis

Amalthea: Amalthea is the moon of Jupiter planet

Andromeda: The Andromeda Galaxy, also known as Messier. Andromeda is also a famous character of Greek Mythology, which means ‘ruler of man’. You may have seen this character in famous movie ‘Clash of the Titans’

Ariel: Brightest moon of the Uranus

Ascella: A star

Astra: From Astronomy

Aurora: A light display in the sky, naturally.

Belinda: Ninth moon of Uranus

Bellatrix: A Star

Bianca: A moon of Uranus

Calypso: Moon in Greek mythology

Carina: The second-brightest star in the sky

Cassiaopeia/Cassie/Cass: From Greek Mythology

Celeste: Means heavenly.


Chara: A Star that represents hunting dogs

Cordelia: A Moon of Uranus.

Cressida: Another moon of Uranus

Eartha: From Earth

Elara: A moon of Jupiter



Faye: A comet of the Jupiter


Gemini: A sign of Zodiac

Halley: Another famous comet which is visible in naked eye

Helene: Moon of Saturn

Izar: Means Star in Basque.

Juliet: A moon of Uranus

Leda: A moon of Jupiter

Libra: A constellation in the eastern sky

Luna: Latin name of moon

Lyra: Harp-like constellation

Maia: A star

Meissa: Another Star

Miranda: One of moon of Uranus


Nashira: A giant star in Capricorn


Nova: An explosion which causes a sudden increase in the brightness of a star

Ophelia: Another tiny moon of Uranus

Orion: Rising star

Pandora: A moon of Saturn

Phoebe: Outermost moon of Saturn

Portia: Another moon of Uranus

Rhea: Saturn’s moons.

Rosalind: One of the Moons of Uranus

Seren: Means star.

Shaula: A Star

Sitara: Means Star



Stella: Means Star in Latin



Titania: The largest moon of the Uranus

Thebe: A satellite of Jupiter.

Venus: Closest planet to the Sun


Zosma: Another Star in the constellation of Leo


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Space names for boys:

Akash: Sky in Bengali

Alioth: One of the Brightest Star

Altair: One of the brightest star in the sky and the brightest in the constellation Aquila the Eagle

Archer: Half-man, half-horse Sagittarius grouping of stars

Aries/Ares/Arese: From Greek mythology


Atlas: The famous Greek Titan, known as the titan of astronomy.

Caelum: Faint constellation of stars

Castor: The brightest star in the constellation Gemini

Deimos: A moon of Mars

Draco: Constellation inspired by the dragon that Hercules slayed


Galileo: The famed astronomer 


Holmes: Largest Comet


Janus: A moon of Saturn

Jupiter: The largest planet

Kale: A moon of Jupiter.

Leo: Archer like constellations contains many bright stars. 

Mars: A planet

Mercury: Closest planet to the Sun, also a metallic element.

Nash: A common Star

Oberon: A moon of Uranus

Orion: A rising star in a constellation, named in Greek mythology.  Also known as ‘The Hunter’

Perseus: A constellation that is named after the Greek half man-halfgod who defeated Medusa and saved Andromeda. You may have seen this character in ‘Clash of the Titans’ and ‘Wrath of the Titans’ movies.

Phoenix: Another constellation in the southern sky

Pluto: A small planet 

Proteus: A moon of Neptune

Rigel: A big star in the constellation Orion


Sabik: A Star

Sirius: One of the brightest star




Thule: Large asteroid.

Triton: A moon of Neptune.

Vulcan: A Planet

Wolf: Constellation in the southern sky.

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