know when to buy nursing bras

When to Buy Nursing Bras?

The happiness of every mother is to breastfeed her child. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, some garments should never miss in your wardrobe. And one of those items is a nursing bra. If you want to keep your breast attractive and in good shape even after breastfeeding, investing in the right bra is paramount.

You can buy a nursing bra as soon as you get pregnant or when you give birth. A breastfeeding bra should be comfortable, flexible, and durable. More so, it should not leak milk. These bras differ from regular bras due to wide strengthened straps and teardrop shaped cups. The elastic fabric and other unique fasteners enable the mother to take out the breast quickly to lactate the baby. More so, these bras are made of soft materials and are designed to supper and preserve the shape of the breasts. Some of the nursing bras are even more stretchable than other nursing bras, as they are specially made for large breast.

Features of Nursing Bras

  • The straps are quite wide and adjustable
  • Some bras have a zipper to unzip from the bottom to the top
  • The basis of a nursing bra is wide
  • The elasticity of the bra is also a great feature
  • The bras should have a minimum of seams to increase comfort and reduce rubbing
  • The bra should fit perfectly without the breasts spilling out
  • The inner surface of the cups is made of soft fabrics like cotton
  • They should be breathable
  • The cups should open easily

Advantage of Nursing Bras

  • Nursing bras offer unrivaled comfort and great support.
  • The bras are designed in a way that they can relieve pain during lactation. This helps in preventing mastitis.
  • The bras are easily adjustable to accommodate various sizes of breasts
  • It’s convenient when feeding the baby, as you don’t need to take it off.
  • Nursing bras support the breasts and prevent them from forming stretch marks or hanging.

Types of Nursing Bras

Zippers – These types of breastfeeding bras are designed with a zipper fitted near the cups. It’s safe and easy to fasten and unfasten. However, the zipper might stand out if you wear this bra with tight clothes. Another challenge with zippers is that you might find it challenging to place your breast back after nursing the baby.

Bras with Fasteners – These types of bras enable the mother to lower the cup freely and feed the child anywhere and at any time. Importantly, pick the garment that exposes the breast and not just the nipple. This is to enable the child to latch comfortably.  

Sleeping Bras

They are made of light materials, making them light. They are suitable for nursing mothers. However, they are ideal for moms with big breasts as it can cause the breasts to spill out.

Is It Necessary to Have a Nursing Bra?

The answer might be yes or no. But not every nursing mom wears a bra throughout the day. Most women around the globe don’t wear special undergarment — the major changes in your breasts when pregnant and a few days after childbirth. Therefore, the belief that the lack of wearing a nursing bra while breastfeeding might affect the shape of the breasts is undocumented. Hence, wearing a breastfeeding bra is a personal choice.