when to start wearing maternity bra

When to Start Wearing Maternity Bra?

We are all created differently. However, the majority of women’s breasts become bigger from day one. To some, it doesn’t change. Whether it enlarges to five cup sizes or not, there is no cause for alarm. But it’s important to wear maternity bra the moment you notice any change. Mostly, this is the first trimester.

A maternity bra is however different from a nursing bra. A nursing bra is specifically designed to be worn while breastfeeding while a maternity bra should be worn when pregnant. You will find that nursing bras are designed differently to enable the mother to breastfeed seamlessly. But you can wear a nursing bra while pregnant- no harm. All you need to do is to ensure that the garment makes you comfortable and fit perfectly.

Maternity Bra Types

Your breasts are sore, painful, and the regular bras seem not to fit. Instead of going for a larger size of the regular bra, we recommend you get the right maternity bra. Let’s see the various types:

Contour – Contour bras are designed to hold their shape at any moment. The cups are slighted padded or cleverly molded to help the bra comfort into your body effortlessly. This is ideal for anyone looking to have a great shape on their chest. They offer mid to full coverage and support. 

Sleep Bras – if you have tender or sore breasts, then sleep bras are your ultimate choice. The bras are made of spandex, soft cotton, and nylon. However, they are not designed to provide support or shaping like contour bras. But they make sleeping comfortable. They come in different sizes, colors, and prices. 

Seamless – If you notice your breast are growing during pregnancy, then you should have several seamless bras in your wardrobe. The best thing about these bras is that one size can take you throughout the pregnancy. These bras are flexible and comfortable. They work both for pregnant and nursing moms. More so, they offer light to full coverage and support. There are made of spandex, stretchy nylon, and cotton blends.

Finding the Right Fit

Getting a well-fitting bra during pregnancy can be quite tricky. This is because breasts keep growing bigger and bigger. So if you want to get the right fit, you have to measure yourself using a soft measuring tape. Measure your breast size and below the bust. More so, you can get to a local retail shop and try fitting until you get your ideal size. Apart from getting the right size, you should also consider the following, beside take a look at this article before purchase:

  • Comfortable – you should feel comfortable while sleeping, walking, sitting, and even standing.
  • Consider shoulder straps – the straps should be wide to rest comfortably on your shoulder bone. They should not dig and must stay put throughout.
  • No Spilling – The right garment should fit you well such that the breasts don’t spill out. This means you should get the right size.

As you wait to welcome your bundle of joy, the pregnancy journey should be smooth, comfortable and thrilling. Prioritize your comfort by getting a well-fitting maternity bra.