creating a baby memory book is a worst thing

Some Worst Things About Creating A Baby Memory Book

I love baby memory books more than any other baby products, but creating a new one by myself? Not at all.

Do you think I’m overreacting? Really Not. So why am I saying Like that? Keep reading and you will find out why creating baby memory books are the WORST to me.

Another thing to remind you before reading the reason, I’ve three children and they have three beautiful memory books filled with too much information and I love to remember their sweet memories with help of these books. Confused? Lol…

My husband maintained all the three books, I hardly remembered something of these memory books filled by me.


Why Creating A Baby Memory Book Is The Worst Thing To Me:

  • The first thing that I’ve to write in it. As a new mother who has so much time to keep up with a keepsake book?

thinking who has so much time to keep up with a keepsake book

  • Secondly, which new mom has the time to take photos in every event like first bath, first step etc? And even you need to pass more time on print-out the photos, maintain the quality of the print or paper. That’s like a huge task to me.
  • You may have to buy scrapbooking stuff like markers or monthly stickers, when you will do this even if you don’t waste your time?

print photos

  • You have to do math always, inches, pounds, date, time etc. What is this, calculus? I’m pretty much afraid of this as I got constantly poor marks in mathematics, both in school and university.

differential calculus

  • Finally, you always have to focus on the topics of the memory book. If any event missed, then it will look awkward. Where is time to give so much attention as a new mom?


I’m not telling that memory book is an awkward thing. I love them very much, just telling you to make your husband busy with this task. LOL!